Copywriting is a skill that can be learned by anyone, but it takes time, practice, and dedication to master. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can use these secrets to improve your own copywriting skills. Today, we’re going to share some of the most important copywriting secrets that writers don’t want you to know. These can and will help you write more persuasive, engaging, and effective copy.


Our Top 6 Copywriting Secrets for You

#1: Know Your Audience

The first step to writing great copy is to know your audience. In the copywriting sphere, this is called your “target audience.”

Before you even start writing, ask yourself:

  • Who are you writing for?
  • What are their needs and wants?
  • What are their pain points?

Once you know your audience, you can tailor your copy to appeal to them — directly.


#2: Use Strong Verbs

Verbs are the undervalued workhorses of copywriting. They convey action and movement, and they can make your copy more engaging and persuasive. When choosing verbs, avoid weak verbs like “is” and “are.” Instead, opt for strong verbs like “create,” “build,” and “transform.”

You should also avoid using passive voice in your copy if the goal is to SELL, SELL, SELL. Passive voice can dilute your message and make your point convoluted and hidden under layers of grammar.


#3: Write in a Conversational Tone

People are more likely to respond to copy that sounds like it’s written by a friend or colleague. Avoid using formal language or jargon — unless your brand is built on that foundation. Instead, write in a conversational tone that your audience will connect with and relate to.

Another tip I have for you here is to not rely solely on AI to spit out copy for you. AI copy tends to be dry and informationally driven, and it lacks the “human touch” that your potential customers crave.

Learn more about why you shouldn’t rely on AI copy for your content strategy


#4: Use (But Don’t Overuse) Storytelling

Stories are an incredibly powerful copywriting tool that can be used to connect with your audience on a deeper level. When you tell stories, you’re able to transport your audience to another place and time. You’re also able to create a sense of empathy and understanding.

And, if you didn’t already know this, creating an emotional response in your copy increases the chances that your reader will “click” with you and jump on board with whatever your CTA is.

What’s a CTA? We’re glad you asked.


#5: Use a Call to Action — EVERY TIME

Every single piece of copy should have a call to action! Don’t write a single blog post or website page without one!

A call to action is direct response copywriting. It’ll drive the action that you want your audience to take after (or during when) they read your copy.

Do you want them to buy a product? Sign up for a newsletter? Contact you for more information? Make sure your call to action is clear, concise, and compelling!


#6: Be Specific with Your CTAs

The “keep it simple” proverb comes into play here.

Your visitors and clients are more likely to take action when you give them specific instructions.

Instead of saying “buy now,” say “click here to buy now.” Instead of saying “sign up for our newsletter,” say “enter your email address to sign up for our newsletter.”


Copywriting can be learned by anyone, but it takes time & practice to master. Use these copywriting secrets to improve your own writing ... or, just hire us!


Bonus Tip: When in Doubt, Ditch the Copywriting Secrets & Hire It Out

These are just a few of the many copywriting secrets that professional writers don’t want you to know. If you’re serious about improving your copywriting skills, we encourage you to experiment with these secrets and see how they can improve your results.

And, if you really don’t have the time to work on your copywriting skills, there are tons of skilled copywriters out there — you just have to find one that jives with your unique mojo.

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