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Here at Auburn Websites, we want to work directly with you to boost your brand’s presence online. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with our local team by calling Rachel Powell at (207) 212-3286.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Request Updates to My Website?

Once your website design is complete, it doesn’t have to be static. We can update pages, text, images, and much more, even after go-live. To request changes and updates to your website, use this form*.

*Please note that some update types may be billable. For billable updates, we won’t start work until 50% of the invoice has been paid.

What Do You Use to Design Your Sites?

We use WordPress to create all of our clients’ sites. This is the most robust, customizable CRM available at the moment, and the themes that we use are very friendly with third-party plugins. 

Do You offer hosting packages?

Yes! Our services are all-encompassing. If your business is looking for a digital services partner (web design, hosting, maintenance, copywriting, and light marketing), we are here to help. We offer four tiers of hosting packages. Check them all out here

Do You Use AI to design your sites?

We’re committed to crafting human-made sites. We don’t use AI in the design process, or in the copywriting process. We may use AI to generate topic ideas, but that’s the extent to which we utilize AI for our Southern Maine clients.

We believe that some things are better left to human hands! However, we don’t let that hyperinflate our pricing — because that’s not fair to you.

How do I add products to my website?

Our team can handle this addition process for you. Use our form here to submit the information for each item you wish to add to your ecommerce site. Alternatively, you could provide us with a detailed Excel or Google Sheets file with all of the information required.

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Website?

We wish we had a hard-and-fast timeline for you, but every website design project really is different. Just like each small business in Southern Maine is different! When we give you a quote, we’ll give you an idea of the timeline we’re thinking, but we recommend allowing 3-4 weeks for the full process if you’re trying to schedule.

I only need writing services. Can I do that?

Absolutely. If you already have a website and you just need content for it, we can certainly help you with that, too. Check out our copywriting services and get in touch with our lead copywriter today.

How does the quote process work?

When you request a quote with our online form, you aren’t committing to anything just yet. In order to give you an accurate quote, we need lots of information about your business. Once we’ve reviewed this form submission, we can either email or call you with your quote. If you like the pricing, we ask that you pay 50% of the quote as a downpayment so that we can start your project!

Will I Rank on Google With your website?

This is a complicated question with tons of variables. Generally speaking, local, Southern Maine businesses will rank easily for their brand name in their area after a month or so. For service-related keywords, you’re going to have to put in some effort to rank, especially if the service offering is oversaturated in your area.

We have a full copywriting team that specializes in SEO, so if this is important to you, let us know during the quote process.

I think i need legal pages. Can you help?

Some websites will require specific “legal” pages to stay compliant — for example, ecommerce sites that will accept payments, sites that wish to make use of affiliate marketing, or sites that wish to place on-page Google Ads for additional revenue. If you need legal pages, we have a service that will create a TOS page, Cookies page, and a Privacy Policy page for your website. To get started with that, use this form.