With recent changes to Google’s SEO ranking tactics, we felt that it was important to discuss this topic and inform clients about our stance on language models in copywriting. We hope that this information (and our copywriting tips) helps you decide who to work with in your local area, and we hope that our dedication to 100% human-generated, no AI copy is appreciated in the Southern Maine area.


Is AI Copy Good for Copywriting?

Our copywriters have experimented with AI and determined that, at least for now, AI has limited capabilities when it comes to generating engaging copy that appeals to human audiences. AI language models are still in the “parrot phase” and can’t bring enough engaging originality to content, no matter how hard you try to prompt it. AI can be useful for topic ideation and outlining, but, as we’ve seen with Google’s core update changes, spammy content is frowned upon.


Does Auburn Websites Use AI Copy for Content / Copywriting?

We do not use AI in the writing of our content for our Southern Maine clients. We’ve experimented with it and have decided that, at least as of March 2024, AI shouldn’t be used for generating copy on a long-form content scale. Short-form content like meta descriptions, headlines, and summaries work okay… but still lack the “human je ne sais quoi” that most clients know and love from their copywriter(s).

We believe that our dedication to non-AI copy will set us apart from other local brands. We refuse to exploit AI to improve our profit margins… especially since it decreases the value offered to customers.


Google's recent core update is changing the way Southern Maine businesses approach AI copy generation. Check out our copywriting tips and don't get left behind.


Our SEO & Copywriting Tips for Businesses Moving Forward

At the beginning of May, Google will be pushing out more core updates. As we approach this, here are a few SEO and copywriting tips for local businesses:

  1. Any new content that comes out on your website should be original and useful for your local audiences. Spammy, general rehashes of other local businesses’ content aren’t going to help your search value. This hasn’t really changed. AI, however, has made “parroting” more prevalent and has reduced the amount of original content hitting the SERPs. Think case studies, interviews, and more sources of first-hand information about what you’re trying to sell or do in Southern Maine.
  2. You can still use AI for data processing and topic ideation. Just try to create a unique angle for your final content.


SEO Tips

  1. Another topic covered by the recent core update was “poor user experience.” If your website is outdated, slow, or has bad navigation contact us today for a redesign.
  2. The next thing is to remember that your target is real people, not just the search engine’s algorithm. This ties into the previous tip; make sure your website is up to snuff and ready to actually convert. The main goal of your blogs isn’t just to appear in searches — it’s to convert paying customers.
  3. If you have been focusing on mass-creation of content, we recommend you switch your focus right away. Scale back your content production and focus in more on quality over quantity.
  4. Focus in on ethical backlinks that you might be able to use on your site. For example, high-authority domains like Amazon (if you have a book for sale) or Etsy (if you sell hand-made products) will help your SEO ranking without being spammy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; we’ve done extensive research into how to craft copy moving forward after Google’s recent core update. We hope these copywriting tips will help you determine a new direction for your brand’s content strategy. But, if it’s too much to add to your Southern Maine small business plate, we’re here for you.

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