If you’re starting to look into getting a website for your brand, you’ve probably come across more options than you can keep track of. One of the more popular budget designs is called “one page web design.” Today, we’re going to chat about this so you can decide whether or not this tactic will work for your Lewiston or Auburn small business. Let’s get started.


What Is a One Page Web Design?

As the name suggests, a one page web design is just a single page for your website — not including blogs, categories, tags, and more. You’ve probably been to these types of websites without even realizing it. One page websites tend to be long; you’ll be scrolling for a little while to get to the bottom.

These types of sites differ from your standard 4-6 page website designs in that everything a client needs to know about your brand is on a single page. This can work in your favor… but it can also be a huge problem. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of one page web design.


Pros of One Page Web Design

There are certainly some situations where a one pager is going to work in your Lewiston business’s favor. Sometimes, one page websites can:

  • Enhance the user experience
  • Simplify site navigation
  • Make the call-to-actions more clear
  • Be more mobile-responsive
  • Load faster than their 4-6 page counterparts


Cons of One Page Web Design

On the other hand, you have to be really careful not to negate those potential benefits due to the following:

  • Limited content (images & copy)
  • Lackluster SEO due to fewer internal linking opportunities at first
  • Less flexibility for growth and expansion
  • The potential for information overload in your viewers
  • Difficulty in organizing all of the content effectively


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So, Is This Type of Website Design “Worth It?”

Well, the answer to that question is really going to depend on a couple of factors:

  1. Who you are working with for the design
  2. Who you are working with for the copywriting
  3. What kinds of supportive images and videos you have
  4. The brand colors you’re using
  5. The type of product or service you’re offering
  6. Demographics of your target audience

Companies with one solid, purchase-worthy product have done some really great one page designs. In marketing, we like to call these “landing pages” with “sales funnels” on them. This is very different than, say, an Auburn business’s general website (picture an about us, contact, services, and blog page).


Our Recommendations:

Choose One Page Web Design for Specific Sales Funnels

One page designs work really really well for sales funnels because you can pack that page with direct response copywriting to get people to purchase at any point on the page. The people who need more convincing will end up further down the page than those who are spontaneous and resonate with your product. Some of these products might include:

  1. A local, in-person service that doesn’t have many variations: piano lessons or swimming lessons, for example.
  2. Selling a digital or physical copy of a book. Motivational and self-help book landing pages are a great example of this.
  3. Courses that people can purchase and work through on their own time. Landing pages are used for this all the time with great conversion metrics.
  4. Starter packs! One of the best tricks in the book is to offer a few starter packs on a landing page that will collect new customers at a lower price than you offer to existing clients. This is high-conversion because people think they’re really getting a good deal.

Basically, this tactic is all psychology. You want to dial in to 12/10 for these types of pages. They aren’t for brand awareness, and they aren’t for getting to know your small business; they just don’t work well for that.


Choose Standard Designs for Trustworthiness & Great Brand Identity

On the other hand, if you’re just a small business in the Southern Maine area, a one-page design is probably not the way to go. Most of your viewers are going to want to feel like they can trust you before they engage with you. Having separate pages that all work together to create this cohesive sense of “self” can really help in this process.

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Choose Standard Designs for SEO and Ranking in Your Local Area

Furthermore, if you really want to get on the map and you want clients in the local Lewiston area to find you, SEO is a huge factor. One page website designs simply can’t pull that much SEO weight. It’s incredibly important to search engines that your website be interconnected in many different places — think of it like a spiderweb. Search engines love sites with interconnectedness because it shows you’ve worked hard on your website and you are less likely to be spammy.

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Does Auburn Websites Do One Page Web Design?

Not at the moment. We believe that, for serving small, local businesses in the Southern Maine area (like Lewiston and Auburn), standard websites are a better service to offer. We want your brand’s identity to be clear, concise, and not convoluted or hidden under long scroll times. Our websites are to-the-point so that potential customers convert easily. The customer journey shouldn’t be difficult, so we make our websites easy-to-use.

We hope this blog was helpful if you’re considering getting a one page web design for your business!


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